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The State is an American daily newspaper published in Columbia, South Carolina. The newspaper is owned and distributed by The McClatchy Company in the Midlands region of the state. It is, by circulation, the second-largest newspaper in South Carolina after The Post and Courier.

The State newspaper has delivery issues, newspapers are delivered wet and unusable, and they don't seem to care, Jackie shared a review at

"I get wet newspapers more than I get dry ones and NO ONE seems to care they credit my account and move on. I still have to go pay someone else for a dry copy of the paper."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It's like the blind leading the blind around here. Management has no clue what's going on and neither does anyone else. It leads to student managers getting yelled at for things that are out of their control and other student employees leaving with a high turnover rate. I'm surprised the paper gets printed each day to be honest."

Former Employee - Capital Reporter says

"Sub-minimum wage pay (not intended to be a real job), long hours"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"commission only, very little pay, management is not the best."

Newspaper Delivery (Former Employee) says

"I was contracted for route delivery of papers. Low pay, and inconsistent bulk delivery were just a few of the problems. Any customer could call in and say that a paper was not received and I would be penalized by being charged four dollars while only making four cents for each paper delivered.NoneLow pay, rough on personal vehicle, seven days a week in all weather conditions."

Driver (Current Employee) says

"its ok, dead end job no pay raises and no room to advance. no one really has any idea on what is going on and the workers are pretty lazy"

Advertising Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"busy easy to get along with coworkers had to work with many other departments"

Shipping/receiving clerk (Former Employee) says

"Lack of communication between the higher management. I can recall on 2 occasions where I was questioned about my personal leave. I believe they also don't care about employees well being, they were only concerned about the equipment and the job being done to perfection.Holidays offOvertime was not allowed"

Delivery Driver (Current Employee) says

"A day at work should be nice and flow easy. I would like to learned anything that will help me become better at my job. My co-workers needs to be team players."

Janitor/Reel-man/plate-maker (Former Employee) says

"a night full of dealing with lazy people. Some people just throw their trash on the floor just because i was there to pick up up. The trash can be right beside them."

Route Driver (Former Employee) says

"Maybe if you are retired and not really pressed for money should you take this Job. Management was very awesome and nice often had sympathy for our low pay and offered advancements. Shift starts at 3am and is usually finished around 6 am. I advice a small compact car that is gas efficient and you don't mind it getting damage. (You bump and scrape your car sometimes due to tight spaces to back up and turn around in.Great manager, offered advancementsVery low pay only $0.10 cents per paper. Wee hours of the night"

Inserter/Lead Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"It was very fast paced work environment at times. I enjoyed operating the forklift. I enjoyed inserting the coupons when the machines were properly running correctly."

District Manager (Former Employee) says

"Hiring and training for all routes in circulating the daily newspaper. contacting customers on all quality control issues and payment. soliciting for new clientsearly morning hoursthere were a lot of unhappy District managers and that made it uncomfortable for others"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Nice clean working environment with easy people to get along with as your co workers but I was always under the impression when it comes to a job that hard work pays off and I was working very hard and was very patient just to receive little next to nothing.Set scheduleDoesn’t do yearly raises and has mandatory overtime during the holidays"

Head Feeder (Former Employee) says

"The job was very easy once you got the hang of it and the people you worked with was friendly and was always willing to help you. Sometimes the work load was a bit overwhelming and you are on your feet the whole time no padded floors where you are standing.Fun and fast paced.Hot in summer and cold in winter."

Independent Contractor (Current Employee) says

"My typical day as a courier for the State Publishing company starts around two o'clock in the mourning. We are required to show up on time, pick up our product and deliver it to the customer. Our product includes the State Paper, Wall Street journal, and USA Today. We are responsible for keeping our vehicles functional. There have been many occasions where I have fixed a flat tire, and perform other maintenance on my vehicle while on my paper route. Co-workers at the State Paper work very well together. We help each other other out when there is a shortage of papers, or if a co-worker is unable to meet a deadline. The hardest part of the job is getting used to being up in the early mornings, and maintaining a healthy sleep cycle each week. The most enjoyable part of the job is providing a service to the customer. I have meet and talked to a number of people who appreciate getting the newspaper in the mourning.Very early hours, sometimes difficult weatherProviding a service to the customer."

Sports Statistician (Former Employee) says

"This was a great place for a college student who is looking to have a few extra dollars in there pocket. At times parents and coaches talked to fast when they called in which made it hard to understand their scores.flexible hourcommunication"